The LOHO #.1

Hello there gentlemen. Live well, dress well. Love, Wantering


Hello there gentlemen. Live well, dress well. Love, Wantering


Luciana FrigerioFolded Book Art

These sculptures are made from carefully folding the pages of recycled books to create different designs. From hearts to letters, words, symbols and objects… Anything is possible! -  Via: Rerylikes (rery)


Rogue Territory X General Quarters Moto-Vest

Ann Demeulemeester Slim-Fit Jacquard-Woven Blazer


Up Helly Aa: Scotland’s Fire Festival

Want to explore more photos from Up Helly Aa? Search the #UpHellyAa hashtag or visit the Lerwick location page.

Each year in Scotland, thousands of men bearing torches parade through the streets on the last Tuesday of January to mark the end of the Yule Season. Though only officially begun in 1881, the Up Helly Aa day fire festivals have their roots in ancient Anglo Saxon rites. Revelers pay homage to this history by dressing in full costume and electing a Jarl to head the festivities. The Jarl and his committee lead the torch-bearers through the town to a replica of a Viking longship, which they set ablaze with the torches. After the burning, townspeople retire to local public halls for a night of dancing and performances. The Wednesday after is taken as a day of recovery before “Hop Night” when the festivities continue until morning.


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He shoots from the heart instead of the head
His mouth and his words they rarely connect
He looks to the past and where his tongue’s tread
And he knows he meant the opposite

But she holds him
Like an infant
Though it breaks her in half to know he’ll wake like a man
Sold on cold indifference
When he reaches for her she’s gone
She slips like the wind through blackened sails, but

Who are we to love at all?

And I hope you don’t mind
If I hang all of my hopes
I hang all my hopes on this time
Although I’ve been warned
I’ll probably get burned
I’d rather get burned than to not try

I feel so uncomfortable talking about feelings in general that just posting lyrics to songs that pull at my heart strings a little too much because the idea that I might relate to it makes me feel naked. Also it’s like not cool to have feelings on the internet. Oh well. 



Artist Jacky Tsai - “Born in Shanghai, in 1984, Jacky Tsai came to London after completing a BA at the China Academy of Art to study at Central St Martins, quickly making an impact on the fashion world with his iconic Floral Skull design made for Alexander McQueen.  Tsai’s vision is to create an unique marriage between traditional Eastern craftsmanship with contemporary Western pop art.  His time at McQueen, where he worked in pattern design for the brand, created a fascination with fashion and textiles. Printing his striking images on silk, rather than paper, saw his floral skull image achieve critical acclaim.” (more)



Staudinger Franke - Icons of media technology. Blown, to have a look into.


Vacant Chicago Warehouse Burns, Becomes Frozen in Ice

Want to see more photos from the icy warehouse? Search the #bridgeport hashtag, and visit the location page for the nearby Advertising Flag Company.

On Tuesday evening, a vacant warehouse in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood caught fire. It took more than 200 firefighters the entire night to bring the blaze under control.

With Chicago facing some of the coldest temperatures of the season, the water used to battle the flames froze to the exterior of the building. The warehouse-turned-ice cube has attracted visitors from across the area, who have been documenting the uncommon sight through Instagram.

The five-alarm fire—the largest in Chicago since 2004—thankfully resulted in no injuries.